Dental health tips to prevent cavities and treat if present.

Dental health tips to prevent cavities and treat if present.

Tooth pain is sometimes the first hint that cavities exist. Some of these issues are difficult to see with the human eye. This is one of the reasons why regular dental visits are important. Most insurance policies provide one to two visits each year. These are generally considered preventative services to avoid cavities and other problems.

Regular visits have to do with cleanings and evaluations. Dentists are able to offer their patients methods to prevent cavities. Brushing after meals, flossing and fluoride products are helpful when it comes to this process. Once you determine that you have a cavity, it is important to visit your dentist. There are a number of options when this problem exists. This has to do with the position and state of the cavity. Orange County Dentist Doctor Saliba shares some of the proven issues related to cavities and the results they cause.

Notice Symptoms

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease for children and adults. Recognizing the symptoms associated with tooth decay is important. Some people notice sensitivity that has not occurred before. Sharp pains when drinking cold or hot drinks is an example of these symptoms.


Toothaches are another clue that you may have a cavity. These issues often occur when biting certain foods. Biting is not the only activity where toothaches are recognized. In some cases, pain gets less and then returns again. Persistent pain generally leads people to schedule a dental visit. This is the best way to address cavities.


Once your visit your dentist because of pain, a full examination is necessary. This is a good way to pinpoint what problems exist. Dentists are able to find cavities even in remote areas with a proper examination. Your dentist will be able to confirm that a cavity exists and offer you options for addressing the problem.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are sometimes used in the initial phases of a cavity. Depending on the case, these treatments can work to restore teeth. Treatments of this sort can include a gel varnish, foam or a liquid solution. It generally takes only a few minutes in order to perform these treatments.

Dentists are experienced when it comes to addressing cavities. They can offer services that are adequate for your individual case. Fluoride can be used for some people with these issues. Fillings are often necessary for those with severe cavities.


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Cosmetic Dentistry. Newport Beach Dentist shares the top requested procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry. Newport Beach Dentist shares the top requested procedures

pretty smileEveryday around the country patients are undergoing dental procedures. Many of these fall into the category of preventive services. Cosmetic dental procedures are more and more popular. These services work to correct a variety of problems. Depending on your insurance coverage, there are options for getting cosmetic work done.

There are experienced dentists that offer these types of services. They treat patients of various ages with specific issues. Accidents are sometimes the cause for cosmetic dental procedures. Damage to the teeth can be repaired in many cases. There are other procedures that are considered cosmetic that help the appearance of the teeth. Let’s take a look at the Top 4 Cosmetic Dental Procedures that patients undergo.

older couple

1 – Whitening or Bleaching

There are products on the market right now that promise to whiten the teeth. Some of these work better than others. An experienced dentist, however, can provide a more thorough job when it comes to both whitening and bleaching. These procedures are done to not only whiten the teeth. They work to remove stains or discoloration.

2 – Dental Implants

Implants are some of the top reasons that people get cosmetic dental work. Many dentists believe that this type of procedure is better than traditional dentures. This is also an alternative to this particular option. Implants are placed into the bone in the mouth. Patients don’t have to worry about moving or teeth falling out.

3 – Veneers

Another top dental procedure for cosmetic surgery is to get veneers. There are a number of different types of veneers. The most popular in this category are those made out of porcelain. These are an option when it comes to keeping teeth white. This is a way to hide damaged, broken or missing teeth.

4 – Gum Surgery

People with long teeth only appear this way. Gum issues are behind this particular problem. Cosmetic surgery to fix the gums also affects the overall appearance. Gum disease itself can be behind gum recession. Grafting is sometimes necessary to fix these gum issues.

Some experts say that cosmetic dental procedures are more efficient than other options. Accelerated orthodontics is another example of these types of procedures. They are used to correct alignment issues. It is possible to correct these problems within months. Braces, however, tend to take years to do the same job. Researching the procedures in this category is a good way to determine if it is right for you.


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Top Foods that Stain Teeth – Beautify Your Smile

The biggest problem that most people have with their teeth is their appearance. Yellowing or stained teeth can be caused by a number of things. Gum disease is one culprit behind this problem. The foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink also impact our teeth. These things can work to decrease tooth whiteness. In some cases, these are long-term problems that prevent people from smiling.

young coupleRegular dental visits are very helpful when it comes to stained teeth. Dentists offer cleaning services that help to reduce plaque. You can also opt to get whitening services on your teeth. Although these activities are helpful, stains tend to reoccur when the same foods are consumed. Brushing after eating is a good way to reduce stains. It is also important to be aware of the foods that cause staining. Let’s take a look at the Top Foods that Stain Teeth.


There are many benefits associated with drinking tea. According to Web MD, however, this drink can stain your teeth. Black tea especially is the cause for this issue. “There are alternative teas on the market that do not stain”, says Dr. Saliba, Orange County dentist in Corona Del Mar. Herbal teas, white teas and various others are in this category.


Sauces can work to stain your teeth. Tomato products have long been connected to stain issues. Sauces made from tomatoes work the same way. Sauces, such as, soy can play a role as well. Lighter sauces are a great alternative to these. Brushing right after eating is another option.


There are lists of berries that can stain your teeth. Included in these are blackberries, blueberries and cherries. Berries cooked into baked goods or even juices will stain the teeth. You can find alternative fruits to eat instead of theses. Their acidic content keeps teeth from remaining white.


Wine is another beverage that is composed of a percentage of acid and chromogens. Over time drinking dark wines can lead to discoloration of the teeth. White wine or lighter wine choices make great alternatives. They contain little to no pigment changing components.

Along with better tooth care habits, it is essential to watch stain causing foods. This may mean eliminating certain things. Limiting certainly can help to reduce stains. It is possible to find habits that will help you to maintain white teeth. This is the best way to beautify your smile for the long run.

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Corona Del Mar Dentist answers the question: How Old Should You Be to Get Braces?

Many parents know that braces are going to be in their kids’ future. These are generally children suffering from alignment issues. In other cases, the spacing of the teeth is the problem. The need for braces is determined by a qualified orthodontist. There is not set age for children to get braces. In fact, the ages will certainly vary depending on one particular issue, permanent teeth.

braces for kids

“Braces cannot be applied to teeth that are not permanent” says Newport Beach dentist Dr. Saliba. This makes a big difference on the age of the child getting braces quite a bit. Regular dental visits are a good way to find out if teeth are permanent. Some studies show that the first orthodontist visit should be scheduled around age 6. This doesn’t mean that braces will be applied this early. The doctor will be able to determine what issues exist and diagnose when braces will be needed. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues related to braces.

Over or Under Bite

There are a variety of reasons that children need braces. Two of these are overbite and under bite. Some will experience this issue naturally. Children prone to sucking their thumbs could encourage this issue. This will impact the way that teeth eventually grow. The display of the teeth shows your doctor if bite problems are involved.


Accidents are sometimes culprits behind the alignment of the teeth. These can be caused by falls or even automobile accidents. Some issues can be fixed by your dentist when these things occur. There are others that will require braces to fix. These are more long-term dental issues. Teeth are sometimes removed to make it possible for braces to work the best.

Type of Braces

Parents are often surprised to find out how many braces types there are. Metal styles are some of the most common seen. There are invisible braces on the market as well. Your orthodontist will be able to help you make the right decision. In some cases, children will wear either upper or lower braces. Both of these may be required in your particular case.  Invisalign teen dentist in Orange County Dr. Saliba also shared that the Invisalign Teen product has increased in popularity due to their comfort fitting alignments and eliminates the teasing usually associated with wearing braces.

Braces will vary in pricing depending on the type that you get. Payment plans are often available through many facilities. This is an investment for the future appearance of the child. Children, teens and adults benefit from getting braces to better align their teeth. This is a way to help people feel comfortable about their appearance and their smiles.

Orange County dentist in Corona Del Mar CA, Dr. Saliba specializes in anxiety-free cosmetic dentistry and general family dentistry, he believes in educating the patient on proper dental care and empowering each patient with information that will help them make better decisions regarding their oral health, for more information hook up with


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Dental problems – Getting the proper treatment for the 3 most common dental issues

The way that we care for our teeth is reflected in their appearance. There are things that we can do at home to help ensure the function of our teeth. Brushing after every meal is one of the tenants related to tooth care. Flossing is another tip that is related to the appearance of healthy teeth. One of the most important things that you can do to take care of your teeth is visiting a dentist.

dental painRegular visits can fluctuate depending on your insurance guidelines. In most instances, people are allowed 1-2 visits per year. These are preventative visits that help to address issues related to your teeth and gums. There are some problems that are more common than others. Some of these have to do with the way that teeth look. Others have to do with how they function. Getting proper treatment for tooth problems is the best way to prevent more serious issues.

1 – Tooth Decay

One of the common dental problems that people deal with is tooth decay. This can be a problem that leads to a lot of pain. Decay can also result in discoloration or missing teeth. When acids on the enamel of the teeth remain and cause breakage, decay is the culprit. The foods that we eat often lead to decay, as well. Another issue here can be a lack of proper habits to take care of teeth.

2 – Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dental problem that is often not considered. Your teeth aren’t the only causes for problems in the mouth. Gum issues can be caused by a variety of different things. There are two typical stages of gum disease. One of these is called gingivitis and has been connected to bad breathe. The other stage here is periodontitis.

3 – Tooth Appearance

There are many issues related to the outward appearance of the teeth. This is one of the most common problems that people face. Missing teeth fit into this category. Cavities, discoloration and broken teeth are also problems with tooth appearance. Dentists can treat each of these problems.

Dentists such as Newport Beach Dentist, Dr. Saliba are qualified to treat a variety of tooth problems. In some instances, these are simply matters of regular cleanings. There are times where more serious issues need to be treated. Remedies for these issues may be easy to deal with. If specific procedures are necessary, you can count on your dentist to provide you with options for treating dental problems.


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Teeth not white enough? Avoid teeth whitening by not yellowing.

beautiful white teethIt is very important to take care of your teeth throughout the course of your life. People who have not faced tooth issues often ignore the overall care of teeth. One of the common problems with teeth is their coloring. There are many different things that can occur to discolor teeth. Some of these are well known, while others may be not being associated with this problem.

Caring for one’s teeth has to do with your own personal care regimen. Things like brushing after meals and flossing can be very helpful. Regular dental visits are instrumental to the care process. This is true whether you are experiencing problems or not. These visits can pinpoint coloring issues and may result in remedies to fix the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can result in discolored teeth.


One of the things that have caused teeth to become discolored is smoking. Cigarettes are the most common cause in this category. Other tobacco based products can be culprits behind this issue, as well. Teeth can become brown or even black because of smoking habits. It is sometimes possible to use pumice to remove these stains from teeth. Your dentist will be able to determine what remedies are available to you.  Doctor Saliba, a Corona Del Mar dentist educates his patients regularly on the importance of quitting smoking.


Another cause behind discoloration is drinking certain products. Alcoholic beverages are some of the drinks that lead to these issues. Dark beverages of various types also affect teeth. Green and orange discoloring can result on the teeth. Dentists often use periodontal scaling procedures on teeth that are affected in this way. Consulting your dentist about remedies for your discoloration can lessen their appearance.


Tooth decay is a common cause for the discoloration of teeth. The ranges of coloring can vary where this is concerned. Brown, yellow and other shades of these are seen on decayed teeth. Lack of proper care is one way that people experience tooth decay. Untreated problems can cause decay, as well. Dentists have a variety of methods for dealing with decay. Some problems can be fixed, such as, fillings or replacements. Regular cleanings are helpful to people with discolored teeth.

Once you find out what is causing tooth discoloration, there are remedies in some cases to lessen this problem. There are instances where damage and discoloration are quite serious. Visiting your dentist will help you to target problems and methods of repair or cleaning.


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A Newport Beach dentist shares tips on keeping your teeth healthy.

healthy teethIt doesn’t matter what your age is. Keeping your teeth healthy is very important. Healthy teeth are not only critical for a beautiful smile. The status of your teeth impacts your entire mouth. Preventative dental steps to keep teeth and gums healthy are essential. It is also a good idea to deal with problems when they arise. Overlooking dental pain or issues can lead to more serious things. This is one of the reasons why regular visits to your dentist are needed.

There are a number of ways to keep your teeth healthy. Most people are familiar with brushing, rinsing and flossing. These are common things to do to promote tooth health. There are other things that you can do to ensure that your teeth are healthy and that they last. Parents are instrumental when it comes to the care of their children’s teeth. The steps that they use will lead to future practices for healthy mouths. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Depending on your dental insurance there may be 1-2 dental visits available for you and your family. These may be related to teeth cleaning and other procedures. According to WebMD, 50% of the population puts off yearly dental visits. This is important because it can lead to festering problems in the mouth. Pinpointing issues is a part of what dentist do in regular visits.

Brush Teeth Properly

Improper use of the tooth brush can lead to problems. It is important to clean both your teeth and gums. Some experts say that the angle of the brush is critical to this process. Holding it at a 45-degree angle to the gum line can be essential. Regular cleaning procedures are very helpful to having healthy teeth. Dentists are able to get to difficult areas that are missed in regular brushing.

Repair Tooth Issues

Missing or broken teeth are issues that many patients face. These issues play a role in the appearance of the mouth. In some cases, these problems are caused by gum disease. This is an issue that needs to be treated by a qualified dentist. Repairs can be made to damaged teeth in a variety of ways. Your dentist can advise you about fillings, veneers or dentures. Following the right steps will keep your mouth and teeth healthy for many years to come.


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