A gift of good health for the holidays!

22 Nov

When you think of gift giving this holiday season, the last thing you think about is sending someone you care about to the dentist, it almost seem more of a punishment than a thoughtful gift, but is it?

There are many treatments that a dentist can perform that are non-invasive and can enhance the natural smile.  Someone you love and care about might have avoided their teeth cleaning for a while; this would be your chance to get them in to see a dentist.

If someone has always wanted to get their teeth professionally whitened but hasn’t taken the first step in doing so, it’s a great idea to give them the gift of a white bright smile for the holiday season.  For those grinders, you know who they are; you hear them grinding away at their teeth while they’re lying next to you in bed.  A custom fit night guard will help them save their teeth and may also help you sleep better.

Newport Beach dentist in Corona Del Mar, doctor Saliba says “some people need a little nudge to go see their dentist, a gift of oral health from someone might just do the trick”.  I happen to agree with this statement, most people avoid the dentist due to the uncomfortable position of lying down and leaving your mouth open for a long period of time.

The treatments mentioned above are quick and lead excellent immediate results.  So when you think of giving someone you care about a gift that will really last, try to think of something that will promote good oral hygiene, especially if you’re going to kiss that mouth under the mistletoe this holiday season.  If not, try to think of something that really promotes overall health.  You will be happy you gave them something they really need, and they will be happy to know that you care.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season!


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