Giving the gift of a bright smile for the holidays.

24 Nov

Around the holidays, almost everyone you see tends to be friendlier, kinder and more giving.  The holidays are a time to share smiles, kind words and genuine quality time with the people we care about.  Some people wait for this time to take full advantage of the promotions only offered during the holiday season. 

Take a quick visit to the mail box a week before thanksgiving and you will find enough discounted offers to last you a year, unfortunately many of the offers are short lived and don’t make it past the 30 day expiration date.  Black Friday is the busiest time of the year for most retailers, a quick search on the internet will lead many results for discounted prices and savings for holiday shopping. 

A service provider such as a dentist finds it difficult to slash prices on services without jeopardizing the quality of service provided because their prices are based on the amount of time, product and quality of service they provide themselves.  What many of the service providers end up doing is volunteering their services for a better cause during the holidays by sharing their services at no cost for someone that truly needs it.

This holiday season, one service provider decided to give a gift that doesn’t hold an expiration date.  The gift of a smile, Newport Beach area dentist Doctor Saliba is holding a drawing on December 15, 2011 in his private Corona Del Mar dental office to give one lucky winner from his Facebook fans a professional teeth cleaning and in-office teeth whitening.  He’s also promoting sharing by allowing the winner to transfer his winnings if they feel someone else needs it more than they do.

No matter what you decide to share with someone this holiday season, whether it’s an item they’ve always wanted, something you’ve made, or a surprise you decided they will enjoy, remember to share it with a smile on your face, because the gift of you sharing a smile will not expire.


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