A tall order of Eggnog Latte without the extra pump of cavities?

08 Dec

December is here and that means all things “SWEET” are upon us…

The nights are colder the mornings are dewy and Starbucks seems to know exactly what our holiday spirits are craving. Sweet, spicy, sinful is the motto and if you are not a Starbucks fanatic all year round, there is no resisting a Caramel Brulee Latte or Peppermint Mocha.

Although these delightful beverages tend to warm the heart and better the long gloomy days, they are not so friendly on our smiles. What most of us coffee drinkers don’t realize is the amount of sugar that goes into making each delicious concoction.  Even if we try and cut the amount of syrup that each drink contains, what is left is still plenty to do damage.

Another factor lies in the way we sip our beverages. Coffee house drinks are usually made quite hot, therefore we tend to take smaller sips, which sit in our mouth longer before we swallow. This also makes the drink taste better and last longer.  This method is what causes damage to our teeth. The sugar and milk tend to sit on the surface and unless we brush after every sip, it slowly eats away at our pearly whites.

If you do not find yourself carrying a toothbrush, and you’d like to save your mouth from treatments such as composite fillings or porcelain crowns, it is a good idea to sip water after you have finished your drink. Swirling the H2O in your mouth can help remove some of the left over sugar. Also, drinking through a straw can prevent some of the beverage from hitting your teeth.  If you are one to keep up on your teeth whitening, an H2O swirl or rinse is a must!

Corona Del Mar Dentist, Doctor Saliba, owns and operates Selective Dentistry, a Newport Beach dental office located in beautiful Corona Del Mar, he believes that educating his patients on the importance of oral health is at most, number one priority. His private office Selective Dentistry has surpassed the highest level of service so the patient no longer has to feel a dental visit is a nuisance.  He creates beautiful smiles by educating the patient first on proper in-home care which leads to lasting beautiful natural smile enhancements long after the patient leaves his office.

Relied upon as the anxiety-free dentist in Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, Doctor Saliba wants to create a “team” relationship between him and his patients along with presenting them with the resources for proper at home prevention paired with annual x-rays, exams, cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments. 

Unfortunately, our beverages, sweets and pastries don’t come with warning labels. Yet, inquiring about proper oral health can make that smile last a lifetime.  Cheers to you and your family this holiday season!


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