A straight bright smile that lasts

03 Apr

Spring is here and that means warmer weather, everything in bloom and a happier you!

Some say that people tend to smile more during the spring season because it brings with it a feeling of well being. However, smiling more means having a bright and healthy smile and this is when many of us turn to store bought products for some help.

We go through tube after tube of toothpaste and gum that promises a brighter, more vibrant smile within one week.  Whitening strips are also a popular choice because they are convenient and seem easy enough to use.

But studies show that you will have to go through tons of toothpaste and a lot of boxes of strips to even get slightly noticeable results. After all, we are all coffee; tea, juice and soda drinkers and our teeth take a beating after the winter months due to sweets and hot steamy beverages.

This spring, don’t spend your time on at home remedies, instead, let Selective Dentistry, the private office of Doctor George Saliba help you straighten your teeth, brighten your smile for a long lasting healthy smile that will last you past this spring season.

At Selective Dentistry in Orange County, CA the process of teeth whitening is two simple steps. The first visit will take an hour and will be done chair side. Dr. Saliba will use a whitening solution plus a high intensity laser that activates the solution.  You will also be fitted for clear plastic trays that you will have for at home use.

The following appointment, Doctor Saliba will make sure the trays fit and you will be sent home with enough whitening solution to last you a year, the solution is used for future maintenace once a day for 30 minutes when you feel it’s necessary.

This method is an affective way to whiten your teeth and maintain your pearly whites throughout the season without having to overload on store bought products.

If you have crooked teeth, gapped teeth and you feel that braces are the solution, talk to the leading Orange County Invisalign dentist about the Invisalign clear braces and if they’re right for you.

So this Spring, save the baking soda for your refrigerator, and the metal wire for christmas decorations, let us help your smile sparkle for many seasons to come.


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