Composite Fillings and Root Canals – Avoid them!

19 Apr

Spring 2012 is officially here. The weather seems to flatter the season and soon enough all of us will be enjoying the outdoors by going on long walks, playing sports or just having fun in the sun.

Along with the weather, the temperature of our bodies tend to heat up and we for this we turn to sports drinks, such as Gatorade to quench our thirst and bring down our temperature.

Sports drinks are recommended for overheating, dehydration or simply as a delicious cold beverage after an intense physical activity. Sports drinks tend to contain sodium, vitamins, minerals and most importantly electrolytes. They help our body regain nutrients lost during sweating and loss of liquids. However, this may be a healthy choice for an active body, but a not so healthy one for our teeth.

The truth is most sports drinks have a moderately high sugar content. In addition, these beverages, similar to fruit juices, tend to be highly acidic. The acidity and sugar do damage to our teeth, stripping them of their enamel and leaving them vulnerable to cavities and other sensitivities.

This can be especially damaging to kids who generally prefer juices and sports drinks to just drinking plain water.  Avoid unecessary composite fillings and root canal dental treatments by promoting water as an alternative to sugary drinks.

In addition, we often get tricked in to buying sports beverages that are sugar free, however, what research now shows that artificial sweeteners are as equally damaging to our teeth. They also contain compounds which tend to ruin our enamel and sometimes even lead to discoloration.

A respected Orange County dentist, Doctor Saliba is a trusted family dentist in Corona Del Mar believes in maintaining your oral health as well as your kids. With summer fast approaching, he can offer many tips and suggestions on healthy alternatives to sweet sports and juice beverages that will please the whole family and maintain good oral health.


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