Invisalign or traditional braces, An Orange County Invisalign dentist explains…

09 Jul

Let’s face it, getting traditional braces is nothing to smile about. Although at times the outcome was the only upside to this procedure, for those of us that had to endure the metal cage surrounding our smile for years, the details involved were simply a pain when compared to the final result.

Who can forget the painful process of getting braces tightened, or the metal wires poking our cheeks; the list of no-no foods which could brake off the brackets or get stuck between our teeth? The colorful rubber bands that were supposed to create a motif for our mouth during Halloween or Christmas were a small incentive to living candy free or being called brace-face.

However, if you are an adult or teenager who has considered traditional braces for fixing their smile, or perhaps you have been told that there are more serious complications such as an extreme over bite, under bite or TMJ, then you are in luck.  In recent years, there are many advanced options available to straighten your teeth without metal, clunky braces are a thing of the past, it is the age of Invisalign for adults and Invisalign teens.

Invisalign, often mistaken for Invisalighn, Invisalgin or Invisiline is “a series of clear, removable custom made aligners used by orthodontists and dentists as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. This makes it easier for adults to straighten their teeth without having to look unprofessional with metal braces. Invisalign is easily removed, so the patient can enjoy food without having to worry about breaking off a bracket or having the food lodged between the wires.  Removing the aligners also allows a patient to brush and clean their teeth properly and affectively before placing the aligners back in.  Invisalign aligners are custom made to easily fit to your teeth without adhesive, where as braces are bonded to your teeth which usually cause stains and discoloration, not to mention a decay breeding grounds.

An Invisalign dentist in Orange County points out the oral health issues involved in having misaligned teeth, “misaligned teeth make a perfect habitat for plaque, and makes it hard for a patient to properly brush their teeth, thus creating the perfect environment for decay and periodontal disease”.  He also points out that Invisalign is not for every case.  It’s important to rely on an experienced Invisalign dentist to evaluate your particular case and advise you whether Invisalign will serve your purpose.


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