One Orange County dentist in Newport Beach CA gets THUMBS UP for a calm dental introduction to children

11 Jul

Throughout our lifetime we are always taught to take good care of our teeth. When we are younger, our parents take on the responsibility of making sure all of our dental needs are met. Although it seems only natural that we would wait until our kids have teeth to begin a dental regimen, dentists agree that even infants can start having dental problems.

Thumb sucking is a common habit that most 1-3 year olds develop as a calming mechanism to help relax and fall asleep. This usually is something that tends to go away by the time the child starts to develop teeth. However, there are many cases when this habit is hard to break and this is where it should become a concern for all parents.

Sucking of the thumb, fingers and pacifier can induce changes to the roof of the mouth and affect proper growth and as well as the alignment of teeth. Infact, many other problems have been linked to thumb sucking such as misshaping of the jawbone, non-proportioned teeth, teeth protruding and even speech impediments.

Although not all children will develop these problems and the affects depend on how intense the habit has become, it is always a good idea to know your child’s habits, especially when it comes to proper dental care. One Orange County dentist, Doctor Saliba says a good rule of “thumb” for parents is to watch the  child from a very early age and keep tabs on how often this habit occurs and attempt to wean them off before the teeth develop. It is also a good idea to introduce the child to a dentist at an early age. This can help eliminate fear and help direct a positive association so that your dentist can further assist you in helping break your child of this habit before it is too late.

At one Orange County dental office in the heart of Newport Beach, Doctor George F. Saliba in a private anxiety free dental office encourages his adult patients with children to bring their children along during their adult visit.  Doctor Saliba doesn’t believe in child sedation for dental treatments but prefers a more patient, conservative approach of allowing the child to be comfortable in the dental office environment.  Many patients of Selective Dentistry in Corona Del Mar, CA have transferred their children to this very detailed and conservative dentist due to his careful and patient approach, not only with dental procedures but with the emotional care of his patients, adults and children alike.

The personable calming atmosphere of this Newport Beach dental office provides a calm relaxing experience for mothers and fathers as well as children; this, Doctor Saliba believes is the best introduction for any child into the dental office world.


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One response to “One Orange County dentist in Newport Beach CA gets THUMBS UP for a calm dental introduction to children

  1. Shayna

    May 3, 2013 at 4:43 am

    Very energetic article, I loved that a lot. Will there
    be a part 2?


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