Brushing up on teeth brushing courtesy of a leading Orange County dentist

10 Aug

Brushing our teeth has become a shared custom around the world, although we each follow a different routine.  Many of us stick to the minimum; twice a day, morning and night. This seems to suffice in order to keep our teeth moderately clean and usually removes mild stains, pieces of food that get wedged between our teeth, and freshens breath (for no longer than 30 minutes).

Adamant cleaners tend to add a few extra steps to their brushing routine. They may also brush a third time, usually after lunch, use floss at brushing and after every food intake as well as gargle with mouth wash morning and night to keep bad breath bacteria at bay.

This may seem like easy work, as most of us are conditioned at childhood to follow most of these steps, however, new research shows that although our responsibilities are increasing, our schedules are busier than ever, our oral hygiene is drastically declining.  People that ignore the regular at home oral hygiene maintenance and wait until they reach their dentist’s office for routine exams and teeth cleaning are quickly surprised to see a whole of treatments they didn’t have during their last visit.

In the morning, we are in such a rush to get ourselves ready and the kids off to school, that often brushing is all we have time for (all 30 seconds of it). Coffee is usually what we reach for first, and instantly we start doing damage. At night we are as equally busy and then tired. Some of us will even skip nighttime brushing.  Night time brushing is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health.  At night, the bacteria is hard at work thriving the ever-growing decay.

In fact, some experts will suggest that adults do the good old “color tablet” test. This is an old trick we give our kids to show them how much plaque and food is left on the teeth when they skimp on brushing or don’t brush at all. We are easily fooled by how much the fancy, minty and foamy toothpaste can actually leave behind.

One Orange County dentist in Corona Del Mar says “A good dentist will keep tabs on your oral hygiene”.  This private dentist provides every one of his patients with proper oral hygiene instructions and makes sure they are reminded with every visit the importance of at home oral hygiene.

There are many tips, tricks and new products that make brushing easier, faster and more effectively.  These are crucial and will help you brush up on teeth brushing.


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