An Orange County dentist practices prevention by education Oral Cancer Truth!

17 Aug

When we hear the words “Oral cancer”, it is enough to send a shiver up the spine. Many of us fall under the false pretense that because “I am not a smoker” therefore “ I am not at risk for Oral Cancer”. Sure, a large percentage of Oral cancer patients are avid smokers, and it is no secret that smoking contributes to not only Oral health problems but many other cancers and illnesses.

However, a new study shows that non-smokers are not out of the woods. It has been said by the Oral Cancer Foundation that just about 25% of non-smokers are diagnosed with Oral cancer, which is a larger number than previous years.

There are two other, most common factors that come into play when it comes to Oral and lip cancer. These two things are alcohol and sun exposure.

Those who consume a large amount of alcohol are at risk because not only does alcohol contain a large quantity of sugar, it also can cause tissue damage. This can cause abnormal cell growth, which in-hand can lead to cancer.  Alcohol may also respond differently to other chemicals, breaking down cell walls to allow harmful substances to enter more easily.

Dangerous exposure to UVA and UVB rays are also a major factor in oral, or lip cancer to be precise. When we wear sun screen, we often times forget to put protection on our lips. Women are in luck because most lipsticks, chopsticks and lip-glosses do come with an SPF, yet this leaves men 6 times ( Oral Cancer Foundation) more probable to getting this illness.

At our sought after Orange County dental office, Selective dentistry located in Corona Del Mar, Dr. Saliba prides himself on educating everyone of problems that go above and beyond everyday, common dental inquiries. Doctor Saliba feels it is important for patients to understand all risks when it comes to oral health. For more information please visit our website and schedule a dental appointment online or call for a private consultation with Doctor Saliba.


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