An Orange County Dentist raises TMJ, teeth grinding and clenching awareness!

02 Oct

Many of us have woken up after a long night of going out with a little bit of ringing in our ears. For the most part, we tend to factor in that we were probably standing next to a speaker, while the bass kicked in and we quit literally got an “ear-full”. Sometimes, this can also happen when we have a cold, as our sinuses are directly connected to the passages, that tend to fill up with fluid, causing a ringing sensation.

However, there is also a third and less discussed reason as to why many suffer from ringing of the ears, or more commonly know as Tinnitus. Dentist are now taking a closer look at disorders that are directly connected with impacting of the jaw. Such disorders include Bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ ( Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). This correlation is not often discussed during annual dentist visits so it is often overlooked, in fact, many sufferers are unaware of all, if any of the symptoms related to these disorders and therefore excuse it as situational.

Symptoms that may lead to chronic Tinnitus include, nighttime teeth clenching and grinding ( often brought on by stress or anxiety), a noticeable change in the appearance of the front teeth ( bluntness or chipping), eroded tooth enamel, frequent tooth aches, jaw muscle pain, ear and headaches.

A common mistake among patients would be that we forget dentists are not only responsible for teeth cleaning and cavity maintenance. On the contrary; dentists are meant to examine a large dynamic of problems that many of us tend to leave untreated. The next time you schedule your dental check-up, make a list of problems that may or may not be directly related to these disorders. Your dentist will be able to distinguish the root of the problem and direct you towards the correct course of treatment.

Doctor Saliba, an Orange County trusted dentist practices in a private, personalized dental office in Corona Del Mar.  His reputation in taking as much time as needed with each patient has gained him the respect of his patients, the community and his colleagues alike.  He makes diagnosing TMJ and educating the patient on the risks and problems involved in teeth grinding a normal routine.  Doctor Saliba believes that a well-educated patient will be more eager to care for their oral health long after they leave his office.  The success of this approach is quite evident when the patient returns for a follow-up visit.


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