The definitions of common dental procedures to help you speak dentist!

05 Sep

dental imageWhile there are many different types of dental procedures, there are some which are much more common then others. Below you may find a comprehensive listing of the most common dental procedures, along with brief details as to what each procedures comprises.  Doctor Saliba in Newport Beach CA, centrally located in Orange County hopes this list will empower you to ask the right questions during your next dental visit.

  • Bonding. This is done by applying composite tooth bonding, which is tooth colored, to repair teeth which are decayed, fractured, cracked, or chipped. It is a very basic procedure which is done in a dental office.
  • Braces. Braces are a device placed on the teeth in order to gradually shift the teeth into a straightened position. The device is most commonly used on children in their teenage years, and those who have mild to severely crooked teeth.
  • Bridges. False teeth anchored in place by the teeth on either side of the gap. This is used to replace one or two teeth which have been pulled or knocked out.
  • Crowns/Caps. Crowns, also sometimes referred to as caps, are another type of tooth restoration procedure. This process places a ‘cap’ over top an entire tooth.
  • Dentures. Dentures may be seen in partial or full sets. They are often referred to as ‘false teeth’ and are devices which temporarily adhere to your gum line so that you have the feeling and appearance of real teeth. Dentures are removed each night, which is where they differ from implants, which are permanent.
  • Dental Extraction. A dental extraction is where a damaged tooth or teeth are removed from your mouth. Teeth may need to be removed from multiple reasons, including that they may be so severely damaged that restorative dental procedures are not possible, or that a person may require dentures and has only one or two good teeth left.
  • Fillings. Fillings are done using a type of restorative material to repair teeth. This may be done after a cavity is drilled, or because a tooth has been damaged.
  • Implants. Implants are false teeth which are artificially rooted to your gums in much the same way that your natural teeth would be.
  • Root Canal. A root canal is used to treat dental diseases or teeth which have been abscessed. The process opens up the tooth and cleans out the infected tissue in the center, before filling in the space and sealing the opening.
  • Teeth Whitening. This process does exactly what it sounds like- it whitens your teeth. This is a cosmetic procedure which is becoming more common. Teeth darker for multiple reasons, and regular teeth whitening can help to keep your smile fresh, white, and beautiful.
  • Veneers. These are thin but strong pieces of either ceramic or resin which are bonded to your teeth. This process is used to repair teeth that are chipped, decayed, or even stained. Veneers have also proven useful in closing in gaps between teeth. Depending upon which reason you have for getting Veneers, the process can be either restorative or cosmetic.

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