I hate my dentist! The common myths and misconceptions about the dentist

12 Sep

hate the dentistOne of the most common fears in today’s modern world is going to the dentist. All of those scary tools and the fear of pain or degradation often keep people away from the dental office, which can be severely detrimental to your general well being. Today we are going to look at some of the most common dental myths and misconceptions so that you may have a better, truer understanding of what to actually expect at your next office visit.

Dental visits are painful. While some dental procedures are painful, such as tooth extractions or getting  braces placed on your teeth, not all dental visits are painful. Even those procedures which cause pain do not hurt as much as many people have been led to believe. Let’s not forget that you will have something, such as Novocaine or laughing gas, to help ease the pain for you, and over the counter pain relievers will work well to dull the pain once you return home. 

Dentists are judgmental. Dentists are not judgmental. They are trained professionals who wish only to help you, not judge you based on dental issues that may or may not have been avoidable. 

Your mouth will be the worst the dentist has ever seen. The chances are very unlikely that your mouth will be the worst the dentists has ever seen. Dentists deal with dental issues big and small on a daily basis, and it is very likely someone out there has worse problems then you do. In fact, it may turn out that your teeth and/or mouth are not quite as bad as you think. Just a small amount of dental work may give you back a clean, healthy smile. Many people overreact about the state of their mouths, turning small issues into large ones. 

Dentists enjoy inflicting pain on their patients. This myth is actually very silly. Dentists do not enjoy inflicting pain on their patients, but rather enjoy helping them. People who believe this surprisingly common myth have obviously been watching too much Little Shop of Horrors. A quick meet and greet with your dentists prior to beginning your scheduled procedure may help to alleviate your unfounded fears. 

Dental visits are dangerous. While there are always risks associated with any type of procedure, dental visits are no more dangerous then doctor visits. Your dentist and their assistants have undergone specialized training in order to best assist you during your visit, and this especially applies to your safety. So long as you are honest when asked about any prior or current health problems, you will be fine and safe during your dental visit. In fact, regular dental visits may help you to stay healthier. There have been studies which prove a direct correlation between periodontal disease and common problems like: heart disease, stroke, gastrointestinal disorders, and many other common health issues.

Selective Dentistry in Orange County CA, is the private Newport Beach dental office of Doctor Saliba.  His private office is centrally located in Corona Del Mar and dedicated to serving and educating the local community about dental health.  Many of the patients in our office, find us due to the anxiety-free dental services we offer.  Each patient has experienced a fear or trauma from a dental visit once in their life.  Doctor Saliba makes it his mission to change the mind of those patients by listening, understanding, educating and caring for those patients one at a time and with a personalized touch.  The true fear should exist if you do not care for your teeth.


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2 responses to “I hate my dentist! The common myths and misconceptions about the dentist

  1. Coni Fadigan

    September 17, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    DOCS Education is glad to see information for the high-fear patient. We’ll link back to you from our consumer site so more patients can benefit from this information.


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