Necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth.

07 Oct

vitaminsJust like the rest of your body, your teeth need a multitude of vitamins and minerals in order to remain properly healthy. Lacking even just one of the following vitamins or minerals could result in the breakdown of your oral health. Below you may find a comprehensive listing of what these are, and why they are important to the health of your teeth.

Vitamin A. Helps to main a proper flow of saliva, which is essential for flushing harmful bacteria out of your mouth. Also helps to maintain healthy mouth tissues and mucous membranes. 

Vitamin B1. Very useful in fighting off tongue inflammation. Also helps you to retain that natural, healthy pink color in your gums. A lack of Vitamin B1 may show up as graying or whitening gums, or simply a dullness to the pink coloring. 

Vitamin B2. Prevents cheilosis, a condition in which the corners of a person’s mouth begin scaling, or become fissured.  

Vitamin B3. Extremely useful in fighting off the gum disease, gingivitis, and it’s symptoms. 

Panthenoic Acid. Also known as vitamin B5. Aids in the healing of oral tissues, which is especially helpful after undergoing oral surgery. In fact, most dentists recommend their patients to increase their intake of this vitamin in order to spur a quicker recovery. 

Folic Acid. Also known as vitamin B9. Fights off tongue inflammation and the symptoms of chronic peridontitis. May also help to rid the body of excessive yeast, and it is recommended that patients suffering from a yeast infection increase their Folic Acid intake.  

Vitamin C. Helps to fight off all major and minor forms of mouth inflammation. A lack of this essential vitamin might cause you to have improperly formed collagen and/or poor healing of dental wounds.  

Vitamin D. Extremely important if you wish to have strong tooth enamel. This is the hardest vitamin to ensure proper levels of, however, as it is formed through sun exposure. Vitamin D is synthesized through the skin, so getting the adequate amount of sunlight is of the utmost importance. 

Calcium. Aids in the repair of damaged bone density. Also strengthens the basic structure of your teeth.  

Magnesium. Helps with the formation of a truly healthy jaw and teeth. Also protects you from the formation of excessive gum tissue.  

DRSALIBA1Doctor Saliba, a private dentist in Orange county, CA says “Getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals are not only essential to healthy teeth and gums, but to a healthy you in general“. Taking a multivitamin each day may help you in receiving the proper amounts, but remember that this is not all it takes. You should also be eating a well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough exercise. As for your teeth, the practice of proper oral hygiene is also essential, and this includes regularly scheduled visits with your dentist.


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