Keeping the teeth healthy on Halloween

28 Oct

walking teethThe excessive consumption of sweets on Halloween- a very traditional and widely celebrated holiday- can mean very bad things for your teeth. Decay prevention, of course, is key, but there are also a few non-preventative measures you must keep in mind if you would like to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween. Between both types, which we will tell you here today, you should be able to ensure proper oral health this Halloween…and every other day of the year as well.

Limiting your intake of sweets, if possible, is recommended. If this not possible, for whatever reason, you must be sure to brush your teeth and gums thoroughly before bed and after each meal. Proper brushing techniques can help to clear your teeth of those substances which might otherwise erode your enamel, if left unchecked. Both flossing and the use of an antibacterial mouthwash, such as Listerine, is also highly recommended, for they will get rid of anything that your normal brushing has missed.

carved pumpkinLimiting your intake of sweets is actually a good idea in the whole scheme of things. Not only is an excessive amount of sugar bad for your teeth, but it can also cause weight gain, jitters, diabetes, palpitations, and a whole slew of other issues. If you truly can not help but to excessively indulge yourself this Halloween, however, please keep the rest of this article at the forefront of your mind so that your teeth do not pay the price.Do not eat your candies directly prior to going to sleep. This allows the sugars and other teeth-harming elements to remain on your teeth for as long as you sleep. This is not only seriously detrimental to your oral hygiene, but can be detrimental to your entire body health as well.

If you are one of the millions of people prone to excessive sweet eating, it may be a good idea to schedule your yearly teeth cleaning visit for sometime during the week following this holiday. This will also allow the dentist to inspect your mouth for any cavities you may have gotten during this time. Of course, it’s hoped that you do not get any cavities but these things can and do happen from time to time, and if they are fixed soon after formation they are a small problem rather than a large problem.

If these measures are followed to the fullest of your abilities, we are sure that you may keep your oral health at it’s most optimal, even at this most indulgent holiday and time of year. If you do run into any problems pertaining to your oral health, at any point of the year, please remember that it is best to call your dentist immediately. You should never wait to call because what was once a small issue may escalate into a much larger problem.


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