Corona Del Mar Dentist answers the question: How Old Should You Be to Get Braces?

08 Mar

Many parents know that braces are going to be in their kids’ future. These are generally children suffering from alignment issues. In other cases, the spacing of the teeth is the problem. The need for braces is determined by a qualified orthodontist. There is not set age for children to get braces. In fact, the ages will certainly vary depending on one particular issue, permanent teeth.

braces for kids

“Braces cannot be applied to teeth that are not permanent” says Newport Beach dentist Dr. Saliba. This makes a big difference on the age of the child getting braces quite a bit. Regular dental visits are a good way to find out if teeth are permanent. Some studies show that the first orthodontist visit should be scheduled around age 6. This doesn’t mean that braces will be applied this early. The doctor will be able to determine what issues exist and diagnose when braces will be needed. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues related to braces.

Over or Under Bite

There are a variety of reasons that children need braces. Two of these are overbite and under bite. Some will experience this issue naturally. Children prone to sucking their thumbs could encourage this issue. This will impact the way that teeth eventually grow. The display of the teeth shows your doctor if bite problems are involved.


Accidents are sometimes culprits behind the alignment of the teeth. These can be caused by falls or even automobile accidents. Some issues can be fixed by your dentist when these things occur. There are others that will require braces to fix. These are more long-term dental issues. Teeth are sometimes removed to make it possible for braces to work the best.

Type of Braces

Parents are often surprised to find out how many braces types there are. Metal styles are some of the most common seen. There are invisible braces on the market as well. Your orthodontist will be able to help you make the right decision. In some cases, children will wear either upper or lower braces. Both of these may be required in your particular case.  Invisalign teen dentist in Orange County Dr. Saliba also shared that the Invisalign Teen product has increased in popularity due to their comfort fitting alignments and eliminates the teasing usually associated with wearing braces.

Braces will vary in pricing depending on the type that you get. Payment plans are often available through many facilities. This is an investment for the future appearance of the child. Children, teens and adults benefit from getting braces to better align their teeth. This is a way to help people feel comfortable about their appearance and their smiles.

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