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6 Most Common Restorative Dental Procedures You Should Know

When Is Scaling Necessary 1People often do not realize that their dental health, if poor, can affect their self-esteem and confidence greatly. Not only does it spoil a bright and full smile but it also causes difficulty in talking and chewing food. So, maintaining a good oral health is essential for avoiding such situations. However, it is not always that a poor dental health is responsible for a lip-closed smile as there are people who accidentally get their teeth chipped or broken and therefore smile less in order to hide their teeth. Besides accidents, you may also find people who have yellow or stained teeth not because they don’t take care of dental health. Some people also suffer from some diseases that cause their teeth to become stained. In any case, opting to a restorative dental procedure is a great option for many people who want to have a perfect smile.

Restorative dentistry basically improves the appearance and function of damaged teeth. A dentist can replace or remove damaged teeth or fill artificial material in place of a missing tooth to overcome imperfections in teeth. There is a variety of procedures and treatments that a restorative dentist offers and some common procedures include:

  1. Implants: Implants are an ideal solution for those people who have missing teeth. They fill up all the big gaps between teeth. Therefore an implant acts as the best option for a dental makeover.
  1. Crowns: Crowns are basically used as protective covers for damaged teeth. If you have suffered an accident and lost teeth or got your teeth chipped in it, crowns might be just the right solution to your problem.
  1. Root Canal: This procedure is widely used by the dentists around the world to remove the infected tissues from tooth pulp. People who suffer from infection in tooth pulp complain about severe pain and therefore should get their root canal done as soon as possible because such infection may also lead to loss of tooth.
  1. Dental Bridges: This procedure resembles that of implants and therefore bridges gap between two or more missing teeth. Dental bridges do not only stabilize the jaw but also helps correcting a flawed smile.
  1. TMJ Disorders: TMJ disorders usually occur because of teeth grinding (bruxism), misaligned bite and due to putting excess or undue pressure on the teeth. These are basically the problems of Temporomandibular Joints. The patients who suffer from TMJ disorders usually also complain about neck pain severe headaches.
  1. Gum Diseases : Gum diseases are generally characterized by swelling, bleeding and tenderness in the gums. The treatment for such diseases includes both non-surgical and surgical procedures depending upon the nature of disease and condition of the patient. Do not ignore if you have a swollen gum or you feel tenderness in your gum and visit your dentist as soon as you can. You should try to get the treatment done right away before the problem becomes more painful.

In cases where problems of teeth aggravate to the level where no restorative repair is possible, patients are usually suggested to get a full-mouth restoration done by the dentist. And for such surgeries, the dentist may employ both restorative and cosmetic procedures to improve gum health.


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Tips for Dealing With Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be very serious and should not be ignored. Ignorance of dental problems increases the chance of further damage resulting in more expensive and extensive treatment. Take a look at the following dental emergencies and see what you can do now before going to the dentist:


  • Rinse your mouth with warm water thoroughly.
  • If needed, use the dental floss and remove any food lodged in there.
  • If you feel that your mouth is a little swollen, apply cold compress to the outside of your cheek or mouth.
  • Never put any painkiller, especially aspirin, against your gums near aching tooth as it may burn your gum tissue.

Extruded Tooth (Partially Dislodged Tooth)

  • This is a serious condition and you need to get to your dentist’s clinic right away. In the meantime, apply a cold compress to outside of your cheek or mouth in the affected area.
  • If needed, take an effective pain-killer like Advil or pain

Lost Crown

  • Make a quick appointment with your dentist if your crown falls off. Do not forget to take your crown with you.
  • Use cotton swab for applying clove oil to sensitive area if you are unable to reach your dentist and your tooth is causing a lot of pain.
  • Slip that crown back over your tooth if possible. If you do so, make sure you are not using glue. Coat inner surface with the dental cement, denture adhesive or a toothpaste.

Broken Or Chipped Teeth

  • Save the pieces of the chipped teeth, if any.
  • Rinse the broken pieces and your mouth using warm water.
  • If there is bleeding, apply a gauze piece to the affected area until bleeding stops or for around 10 minutes.
  • For relieving the pain or keep the swelling down, apply cold compress to outside of your lip near the chipped/broken teeth, cheek or mouth.

Objects Caught Between The Teeth

  • Use the dental floss to carefully and very gently remove the object.
  • Do not, in any case, use any sharp object or a pin to poke at that stuck object. Such instruments can scratch the tooth surface or cut your gums.
  • See your dentist immediately if you fail to remove the object from your teeth.

Lost Filling

  • If you lose a filling, you can use a dental cement that is easily available over-the-counter until you’re able to see the dentist.

Broken Wires And Braces

  • If a wire sticks or breaks out of a band or bracket and pokes your gum, tongue or cheek, try using a pencil eraser end for pushing the wire to a comfortable position.
  • Cover this end with an orthodontic wax, piece of gauze or small cotton ball if you are unable to reposition the wire.
  • Never cut the wire otherwise you may end up breathing or swallowing it into the lungs.

Loose Bands And Brackets

  • Re-attach the loose braces temporarily with small piece of the orthodontic wax.
  • You can alternatively place wax over brace for providing a cushion.
  • If your band is loose, save it and immediately call your dentist to fix an appointment and have it replaced or re-cemented.

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Top Cosmetic & Preventative Dental Procedures

beautiful white teethHaving a qualified and experienced dentist is very important. The expert services that these professionals provide significantly affect our smiles. There are procedures that are specifically cosmetic in nature. These are sometimes done to correct issues with the status and appearance of the teeth. Other procedures are considered to be preventative. These services are done to ensure that problems don’t arise down the road.

Expert dentists are able to relay good care techniques and advice to their patients. At the same time, they offer services that result in not only better looking teeth. These services work to keep the teeth and the mouth healthy. Dentists experienced in these areas are a benefit to the entire family. Here are some of the Top Cosmetic & Preventative Dental Procedures:

Teeth Whitening – Studies show that teeth darken naturally with age. Stains that are visible on the teeth, however, can be caused by other things. The foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink are often the culprits behind these stains. Teeth whitening is a professional procedure that dentist perform to improve the appearance of your teeth. Peroxide-based materials are generally used in order to whiten the teeth. Your dentist will be able to suggest the best processes for whitening your smile.

Dental Crowns – Dental crowns are also referred to as caps. These are tools that are used to address specific problems. Crowns are a part of cosmetic dental options to cover broken or damaged teeth. They are also a good way to deal with cracked teeth. Dentists, through expert procedures, place crowns over the individual tooth. Crowns are usually made from porcelain, metal and other materials.

Implants and Bridges – Another way to deal with dental issues is to have implants or bridges applied. In some instances, these options offer preventative services by protecting the mouth. These tools are used specifically to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Some refer to a bridge as a fixed removable denture. Dentists experienced with this procedure are able to replace teeth and apply crowns at the same time. This will result in a better and more complete smile.

Tooth Fillings – It is necessary to use a tooth filling in some cases. This is a way to deal with decayed teeth or cavities. Although this type of procedure has cosmetic value, it is an instrumental way to prevent further damage to the teeth. A dentist will use tooth colored resin commonly for these procedures. It is necessary to pinpoint the status of the tooth prior to performing any procedure. This requires x-rays and a thorough examination.

Repairs, root canals and other procedures are regularly performed by dentists. These are methods used to keep the teeth not only functional but healthy. It is important to visit practice websites to find out what specific procedures are available. This is a great way to find a dentist for cosmetic and regular visits.


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Discover all the cosmetic dental options

Discover all the cosmetic dental options

There are a number of options that can be taken to take care of your teeth. Many of these are preventative in nature. Regular dental visits offer patients the chance to catch problems before they grow. At the same time, these visits are a time to get advice and instruction from a qualified dentist. According to Oral Health Statistics, 62% of Canadians had private dental insurance between 2007 and 2009.

Depending on the coverage and type of insurance, cosmetic dental services are an option. Many of these services are done to keep teeth healthy. Other services are solely to present a better and healthier appearance. There are many dentists to choose from in the Toronto and surrounding areas. You will find practices that offer both general dentistry services along with cosmetic services. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 Cosmetic Dental Services offered.

1 – Teeth Whitening

There are many products these days that promise to whiten teeth. Some of these are good products to use. However, they don’t all work the same way nor do they address your particular issues. Your dentist will be able to explain the whitening process. Finding out what options are available is a great way to determine if you want this cosmetic service. Dentists will examine tooth stains and discoloration before presenting you with the right options for whitening.

2 – Veneers

Veneers are another option as it relates to cosmetic dental services. Depending on the state of your teeth, a dentist may suggest this option. Veneers are usually made from porcelain. They are great for people with heavy stains or discoloration issues. People with tooth damage may also consider veneers as an option. This is a trendy way to get your smile back and to feel confident.

3 – Custom Dentures

In 2010, there were more than 19,000 licensed dentists in Canada. Among these professionals are dentists that offer expert cosmetic services. Custom dentures are included in this particular category. In this process, dentures are made to fit your mouth specifically. Many people choose this option for replacing teeth. Its simplicity is one of the reasons for its popularity. In most instances, custom dentures are less expensive than other options.

The process of taking care of the teeth can be complex when problems exist. This is one of the best reasons to get a qualified dentist for this work. Visiting practice websites is a good way to find a dentist. Reading reviews from current and past patients is another tool for this process. Cosmetic dental services when done properly will present an amazing smile. You will be pleased with the look and feel of your teeth.  Learn how to properly choose a dentist for all your dental needs.



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Cosmetic Dentistry. Newport Beach Dentist shares the top requested procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry. Newport Beach Dentist shares the top requested procedures

pretty smileEveryday around the country patients are undergoing dental procedures. Many of these fall into the category of preventive services. Cosmetic dental procedures are more and more popular. These services work to correct a variety of problems. Depending on your insurance coverage, there are options for getting cosmetic work done.

There are experienced dentists that offer these types of services. They treat patients of various ages with specific issues. Accidents are sometimes the cause for cosmetic dental procedures. Damage to the teeth can be repaired in many cases. There are other procedures that are considered cosmetic that help the appearance of the teeth. Let’s take a look at the Top 4 Cosmetic Dental Procedures that patients undergo.

older couple

1 – Whitening or Bleaching

There are products on the market right now that promise to whiten the teeth. Some of these work better than others. An experienced dentist, however, can provide a more thorough job when it comes to both whitening and bleaching. These procedures are done to not only whiten the teeth. They work to remove stains or discoloration.

2 – Dental Implants

Implants are some of the top reasons that people get cosmetic dental work. Many dentists believe that this type of procedure is better than traditional dentures. This is also an alternative to this particular option. Implants are placed into the bone in the mouth. Patients don’t have to worry about moving or teeth falling out.

3 – Veneers

Another top dental procedure for cosmetic surgery is to get veneers. There are a number of different types of veneers. The most popular in this category are those made out of porcelain. These are an option when it comes to keeping teeth white. This is a way to hide damaged, broken or missing teeth.

4 – Gum Surgery

People with long teeth only appear this way. Gum issues are behind this particular problem. Cosmetic surgery to fix the gums also affects the overall appearance. Gum disease itself can be behind gum recession. Grafting is sometimes necessary to fix these gum issues.

Some experts say that cosmetic dental procedures are more efficient than other options. Accelerated orthodontics is another example of these types of procedures. They are used to correct alignment issues. It is possible to correct these problems within months. Braces, however, tend to take years to do the same job. Researching the procedures in this category is a good way to determine if it is right for you.


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The definitions of common dental procedures to help you speak dentist!

dental imageWhile there are many different types of dental procedures, there are some which are much more common then others. Below you may find a comprehensive listing of the most common dental procedures, along with brief details as to what each procedures comprises.  Doctor Saliba in Newport Beach CA, centrally located in Orange County hopes this list will empower you to ask the right questions during your next dental visit.

  • Bonding. This is done by applying composite tooth bonding, which is tooth colored, to repair teeth which are decayed, fractured, cracked, or chipped. It is a very basic procedure which is done in a dental office.
  • Braces. Braces are a device placed on the teeth in order to gradually shift the teeth into a straightened position. The device is most commonly used on children in their teenage years, and those who have mild to severely crooked teeth.
  • Bridges. False teeth anchored in place by the teeth on either side of the gap. This is used to replace one or two teeth which have been pulled or knocked out.
  • Crowns/Caps. Crowns, also sometimes referred to as caps, are another type of tooth restoration procedure. This process places a ‘cap’ over top an entire tooth.
  • Dentures. Dentures may be seen in partial or full sets. They are often referred to as ‘false teeth’ and are devices which temporarily adhere to your gum line so that you have the feeling and appearance of real teeth. Dentures are removed each night, which is where they differ from implants, which are permanent.
  • Dental Extraction. A dental extraction is where a damaged tooth or teeth are removed from your mouth. Teeth may need to be removed from multiple reasons, including that they may be so severely damaged that restorative dental procedures are not possible, or that a person may require dentures and has only one or two good teeth left.
  • Fillings. Fillings are done using a type of restorative material to repair teeth. This may be done after a cavity is drilled, or because a tooth has been damaged.
  • Implants. Implants are false teeth which are artificially rooted to your gums in much the same way that your natural teeth would be.
  • Root Canal. A root canal is used to treat dental diseases or teeth which have been abscessed. The process opens up the tooth and cleans out the infected tissue in the center, before filling in the space and sealing the opening.
  • Teeth Whitening. This process does exactly what it sounds like- it whitens your teeth. This is a cosmetic procedure which is becoming more common. Teeth darker for multiple reasons, and regular teeth whitening can help to keep your smile fresh, white, and beautiful.
  • Veneers. These are thin but strong pieces of either ceramic or resin which are bonded to your teeth. This process is used to repair teeth that are chipped, decayed, or even stained. Veneers have also proven useful in closing in gaps between teeth. Depending upon which reason you have for getting Veneers, the process can be either restorative or cosmetic.

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A tall order of Eggnog Latte without the extra pump of cavities?

December is here and that means all things “SWEET” are upon us…

The nights are colder the mornings are dewy and Starbucks seems to know exactly what our holiday spirits are craving. Sweet, spicy, sinful is the motto and if you are not a Starbucks fanatic all year round, there is no resisting a Caramel Brulee Latte or Peppermint Mocha.

Although these delightful beverages tend to warm the heart and better the long gloomy days, they are not so friendly on our smiles. What most of us coffee drinkers don’t realize is the amount of sugar that goes into making each delicious concoction.  Even if we try and cut the amount of syrup that each drink contains, what is left is still plenty to do damage.

Another factor lies in the way we sip our beverages. Coffee house drinks are usually made quite hot, therefore we tend to take smaller sips, which sit in our mouth longer before we swallow. This also makes the drink taste better and last longer.  This method is what causes damage to our teeth. The sugar and milk tend to sit on the surface and unless we brush after every sip, it slowly eats away at our pearly whites.

If you do not find yourself carrying a toothbrush, and you’d like to save your mouth from treatments such as composite fillings or porcelain crowns, it is a good idea to sip water after you have finished your drink. Swirling the H2O in your mouth can help remove some of the left over sugar. Also, drinking through a straw can prevent some of the beverage from hitting your teeth.  If you are one to keep up on your teeth whitening, an H2O swirl or rinse is a must!

Corona Del Mar Dentist, Doctor Saliba, owns and operates Selective Dentistry, a Newport Beach dental office located in beautiful Corona Del Mar, he believes that educating his patients on the importance of oral health is at most, number one priority. His private office Selective Dentistry has surpassed the highest level of service so the patient no longer has to feel a dental visit is a nuisance.  He creates beautiful smiles by educating the patient first on proper in-home care which leads to lasting beautiful natural smile enhancements long after the patient leaves his office.

Relied upon as the anxiety-free dentist in Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, Doctor Saliba wants to create a “team” relationship between him and his patients along with presenting them with the resources for proper at home prevention paired with annual x-rays, exams, cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments. 

Unfortunately, our beverages, sweets and pastries don’t come with warning labels. Yet, inquiring about proper oral health can make that smile last a lifetime.  Cheers to you and your family this holiday season!


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