Take a dental office tour


You are anxious and concerned, you’ve experienced discomfort or think that cosmetic dental improvements are the answer to make you feel more confident about your smile and appearance.

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From the first step into our private dental office located in the heart of Corona Del Mar, you will feel a sense of comfort.  Many of our local patients including Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine and other areas throughout Orange County, CA have referred to our office as “Concierge Dentistry” or “Boutique Dentistry”

All dental practices provide dental procedures, but Doctor Saliba considers himself a member of the community and takes great pride in providing much more…

We understand how uneasy you may feel about your dental visits, and how we make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience.  We are dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  Doctor Saliba beleives in building a foundation of trust by educating the patient first, treating and enhancing smiles second, this type of doctor-patient relationship can only lead to excellent lasting results.    


High Standards


Education & Prevention


Uncompromising Safety


Training & Expertise


A Positive Experience



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