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Decay and Dental Emergencies Increase During the Holidays

Every year, dental offices across the country see thousands of patients, especially during the holiday season.  The number of scheduled patients can easily double in the last few months of the year.

Tooth Decay and Repairs

Tooth cavities don’t just suddenly appear.  The sugary food and drinks we consume during the holiday season tend to increase and a tooth cavity can quickly worsen requiring immediate attention.

Every office, bank or store you go into during the holidays is serving lollipops, chocolates or sticky candy at the front desk. Candies that stick to dental crowns account for the majority of the repairs seen during the holiday season. So beware and try to avoid eating the sticky candy, especially if your teeth have holiday

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

From all of the holiday parties thrown by work, friends and family, the sudden urge to have bright white teeth tends to also increase during the holiday season. More patients are reminded to get their teeth cosmetically whitened or repaired.

Year End Dental Insurance Maximum

Most insurance plans have a yearly maximum that must be used by December 31st.  Patients that have dental treatments they’ve been putting off all year due to their busy schedules, tend to finally focus on getting them done prior to year end.

Dental insurance maximums do not roll over to the next year, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” said Dr. Saliba, a trusted Orange County dentist in the heart of Corona Del Mar.

“Every year, we send a reminder to our patients making them aware that this is it.  On many occasions their yearly deductible is met and this is a way for them to save if they have a dental necessity they’ve been avoiding”.

Oral health is very important all year long, no matter when you chose to care for your teeth, Dr. Saliba says “just do it”.  Our mouth is the entry way to the rest of our body, caring for our oral health directly relates to our overall health and wellbeing.


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The foundation of a healthy mouth, a good teeth cleaning regiment

nice smileThe foundation of a good teeth cleaning regiment is the same for all adult people. It is important to maintain a properly hygienic routine for a number of reasons. Your smile is extremely important and may even alter how people look at you, sad as though that may seem. Even more important, having bad teeth can be extremely detrimental to your health. Decayed, infected, or basically ‘unclean’ teeth have been scientifically linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and any number of related diseases. This may come as a shock to you, but unclean teeth are a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn cause inflammation that leads to the before mentioned disease. Now that you properly understand the importance of a good teeth cleaning regiment, allow us to explain what this entails.

Regular Brushing: Regular teeth brushing is the one most important thing you can do to maintain  your dental hygiene. Regular brushing can help to rid your teeth of bits of food that can accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth, as well in the cracks and crevices throughout your mouth. Those bits of food contribute greatly to inflammation and harvest a lot of bacteria, especially if left for a prolonged period of time. In addition, regular brushing can help to keep your teeth looking whiter, and help to alleviate gum boils and other mouth related problems before they even begin. You should brush your teeth three times each day, once after each of the three main meals, for optimal dental health. 

Flossing: Flossing will pick up where regular brushing left off as far as removing bits of food particles from your mouth. Flossing enables you to remove anything stuck between your teeth, and that does not only mean food. It can also refer to bits of plaque that can hide between your teeth. Many people overlook the benefits of flossing, but trust that there are plenty of places you might miss during your teeth cleaning regiment if you neglect to floss. 

Mouth Wash: Mouth wash should be used after every time you brush, but if that is not possible, it should at least be done after your third regular brushing of the day. You should use Listerine, which is known to be a potent bacteria killer. No matter how often you brush or floss, there will always be cracks and crevices you can not reach under normal circumstances. Using a strong, anti-bacterial mouth wash can get into those places for you, ensuring that you have a whole mouth clean. 

Dental Visits: Many people fail to make a dental visit until they have a dental emergency. Yet yearly visits to the dentist are imperative to the overall well-being of your dental health. Dental cleanings can cleanse your teeth in a more thorough way than anything you are able to do at home.


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