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6 Most Common Restorative Dental Procedures You Should Know

When Is Scaling Necessary 1People often do not realize that their dental health, if poor, can affect their self-esteem and confidence greatly. Not only does it spoil a bright and full smile but it also causes difficulty in talking and chewing food. So, maintaining a good oral health is essential for avoiding such situations. However, it is not always that a poor dental health is responsible for a lip-closed smile as there are people who accidentally get their teeth chipped or broken and therefore smile less in order to hide their teeth. Besides accidents, you may also find people who have yellow or stained teeth not because they don’t take care of dental health. Some people also suffer from some diseases that cause their teeth to become stained. In any case, opting to a restorative dental procedure is a great option for many people who want to have a perfect smile.

Restorative dentistry basically improves the appearance and function of damaged teeth. A dentist can replace or remove damaged teeth or fill artificial material in place of a missing tooth to overcome imperfections in teeth. There is a variety of procedures and treatments that a restorative dentist offers and some common procedures include:

  1. Implants: Implants are an ideal solution for those people who have missing teeth. They fill up all the big gaps between teeth. Therefore an implant acts as the best option for a dental makeover.
  1. Crowns: Crowns are basically used as protective covers for damaged teeth. If you have suffered an accident and lost teeth or got your teeth chipped in it, crowns might be just the right solution to your problem.
  1. Root Canal: This procedure is widely used by the dentists around the world to remove the infected tissues from tooth pulp. People who suffer from infection in tooth pulp complain about severe pain and therefore should get their root canal done as soon as possible because such infection may also lead to loss of tooth.
  1. Dental Bridges: This procedure resembles that of implants and therefore bridges gap between two or more missing teeth. Dental bridges do not only stabilize the jaw but also helps correcting a flawed smile.
  1. TMJ Disorders: TMJ disorders usually occur because of teeth grinding (bruxism), misaligned bite and due to putting excess or undue pressure on the teeth. These are basically the problems of Temporomandibular Joints. The patients who suffer from TMJ disorders usually also complain about neck pain severe headaches.
  1. Gum Diseases : Gum diseases are generally characterized by swelling, bleeding and tenderness in the gums. The treatment for such diseases includes both non-surgical and surgical procedures depending upon the nature of disease and condition of the patient. Do not ignore if you have a swollen gum or you feel tenderness in your gum and visit your dentist as soon as you can. You should try to get the treatment done right away before the problem becomes more painful.

In cases where problems of teeth aggravate to the level where no restorative repair is possible, patients are usually suggested to get a full-mouth restoration done by the dentist. And for such surgeries, the dentist may employ both restorative and cosmetic procedures to improve gum health.


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Root Canal – Getting to the root of things without taking out the root!

It is a common occurrence that we may get the occasional toothache or feel some sort of discomfort. For the most part, a few ibuprofen or a little bit of Orajel does the trick. However it is extremely important to be able to distinguish between a minor toothache and a more serious problem.

On a daily basis, adults as well as kids consume sugary snacks and beverages, even if you are a healthy eater, it doesn’t mean that your teeth are safe. Acidic foods and drinks, such as fruits and juices can strip your enamel and leave your teeth vulnerable. All of these culprits contribute to tooth decay and if left untreated can result in a root canal.

A root canal, although a common procedure, can leave people feeling weary and this is why many of us choose to ignore that nagging pain in our palette and choose to not get treatment.

A root canal if not treated can lead to a number of unpleasant side effects such as swollen lymph nodes. This occurs when your body is fighting off an infection, in this case a tooth abscess. This can be painful as well as very uncomfortable. A more serious side-effect of untreated tooth decay is sepsis. This can be potentially life threatening if the infection spreads to the blood.

A good dentist believes in educating his patients on the importance of dental health as well as treating the problem before it is too late. When your dentist diagnosis a cavity that needs to be filled, even if you don’t feel pain, it’s a good idea to listen to the warning because by the time you feel something it might be too late.

From a cost perspective it is less expensive for you as a patient to treat tooth decay early by getting a composite filling rather than a root canal, post, buildup and a crown.  As a leading dentist in Corona Del Mar, Doctor Saliba believes in early detection and prevention.  He says “time doesn’t heal tooth decay, only a dentist does, the goal is to avoid a root canal”.  This unwavering commitment by Doctor Saliba at his private office Selective Dentistry has earned him the respect of his patients and colleagues alike, at this unique private dental office,  you will find a comfortable and anxiety free environment, which will put your mind at ease.

Maybe the old way of thinking should be thrown out the door, a dentist visit shouldn’t be scheduled after you feel pain, get to the root of things early, thus avoiding a root canal.


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