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Decay and Dental Emergencies Increase During the Holidays

Every year, dental offices across the country see thousands of patients, especially during the holiday season.  The number of scheduled patients can easily double in the last few months of the year.

Tooth Decay and Repairs

Tooth cavities don’t just suddenly appear.  The sugary food and drinks we consume during the holiday season tend to increase and a tooth cavity can quickly worsen requiring immediate attention.

Every office, bank or store you go into during the holidays is serving lollipops, chocolates or sticky candy at the front desk. Candies that stick to dental crowns account for the majority of the repairs seen during the holiday season. So beware and try to avoid eating the sticky candy, especially if your teeth have holiday

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

From all of the holiday parties thrown by work, friends and family, the sudden urge to have bright white teeth tends to also increase during the holiday season. More patients are reminded to get their teeth cosmetically whitened or repaired.

Year End Dental Insurance Maximum

Most insurance plans have a yearly maximum that must be used by December 31st.  Patients that have dental treatments they’ve been putting off all year due to their busy schedules, tend to finally focus on getting them done prior to year end.

Dental insurance maximums do not roll over to the next year, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” said Dr. Saliba, a trusted Orange County dentist in the heart of Corona Del Mar.

“Every year, we send a reminder to our patients making them aware that this is it.  On many occasions their yearly deductible is met and this is a way for them to save if they have a dental necessity they’ve been avoiding”.

Oral health is very important all year long, no matter when you chose to care for your teeth, Dr. Saliba says “just do it”.  Our mouth is the entry way to the rest of our body, caring for our oral health directly relates to our overall health and wellbeing.


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Top Cosmetic & Preventative Dental Procedures

beautiful white teethHaving a qualified and experienced dentist is very important. The expert services that these professionals provide significantly affect our smiles. There are procedures that are specifically cosmetic in nature. These are sometimes done to correct issues with the status and appearance of the teeth. Other procedures are considered to be preventative. These services are done to ensure that problems don’t arise down the road.

Expert dentists are able to relay good care techniques and advice to their patients. At the same time, they offer services that result in not only better looking teeth. These services work to keep the teeth and the mouth healthy. Dentists experienced in these areas are a benefit to the entire family. Here are some of the Top Cosmetic & Preventative Dental Procedures:

Teeth Whitening – Studies show that teeth darken naturally with age. Stains that are visible on the teeth, however, can be caused by other things. The foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink are often the culprits behind these stains. Teeth whitening is a professional procedure that dentist perform to improve the appearance of your teeth. Peroxide-based materials are generally used in order to whiten the teeth. Your dentist will be able to suggest the best processes for whitening your smile.

Dental Crowns – Dental crowns are also referred to as caps. These are tools that are used to address specific problems. Crowns are a part of cosmetic dental options to cover broken or damaged teeth. They are also a good way to deal with cracked teeth. Dentists, through expert procedures, place crowns over the individual tooth. Crowns are usually made from porcelain, metal and other materials.

Implants and Bridges – Another way to deal with dental issues is to have implants or bridges applied. In some instances, these options offer preventative services by protecting the mouth. These tools are used specifically to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Some refer to a bridge as a fixed removable denture. Dentists experienced with this procedure are able to replace teeth and apply crowns at the same time. This will result in a better and more complete smile.

Tooth Fillings – It is necessary to use a tooth filling in some cases. This is a way to deal with decayed teeth or cavities. Although this type of procedure has cosmetic value, it is an instrumental way to prevent further damage to the teeth. A dentist will use tooth colored resin commonly for these procedures. It is necessary to pinpoint the status of the tooth prior to performing any procedure. This requires x-rays and a thorough examination.

Repairs, root canals and other procedures are regularly performed by dentists. These are methods used to keep the teeth not only functional but healthy. It is important to visit practice websites to find out what specific procedures are available. This is a great way to find a dentist for cosmetic and regular visits.


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Teeth not white enough? Avoid teeth whitening by not yellowing.

beautiful white teethIt is very important to take care of your teeth throughout the course of your life. People who have not faced tooth issues often ignore the overall care of teeth. One of the common problems with teeth is their coloring. There are many different things that can occur to discolor teeth. Some of these are well known, while others may be not being associated with this problem.

Caring for one’s teeth has to do with your own personal care regimen. Things like brushing after meals and flossing can be very helpful. Regular dental visits are instrumental to the care process. This is true whether you are experiencing problems or not. These visits can pinpoint coloring issues and may result in remedies to fix the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can result in discolored teeth.


One of the things that have caused teeth to become discolored is smoking. Cigarettes are the most common cause in this category. Other tobacco based products can be culprits behind this issue, as well. Teeth can become brown or even black because of smoking habits. It is sometimes possible to use pumice to remove these stains from teeth. Your dentist will be able to determine what remedies are available to you.  Doctor Saliba, a Corona Del Mar dentist educates his patients regularly on the importance of quitting smoking.


Another cause behind discoloration is drinking certain products. Alcoholic beverages are some of the drinks that lead to these issues. Dark beverages of various types also affect teeth. Green and orange discoloring can result on the teeth. Dentists often use periodontal scaling procedures on teeth that are affected in this way. Consulting your dentist about remedies for your discoloration can lessen their appearance.


Tooth decay is a common cause for the discoloration of teeth. The ranges of coloring can vary where this is concerned. Brown, yellow and other shades of these are seen on decayed teeth. Lack of proper care is one way that people experience tooth decay. Untreated problems can cause decay, as well. Dentists have a variety of methods for dealing with decay. Some problems can be fixed, such as, fillings or replacements. Regular cleanings are helpful to people with discolored teeth.

Once you find out what is causing tooth discoloration, there are remedies in some cases to lessen this problem. There are instances where damage and discoloration are quite serious. Visiting your dentist will help you to target problems and methods of repair or cleaning.


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Winter wedding bliss with photos to last a lifetime

winter weddingEvery year there are winter wedding plans across the country. These are sometimes small quaint events. Other weddings are large and exciting ceremonies. Planning ahead for your wedding is very important. There are many different things to consider when making these plans.  Besides the normal party planning, Dental services are certainly some things to consider for these weddings. The pictures associated with these events are critical parts of the day.

The bride and the groom can schedule services with their dentists prior to the wedding. Whitening is one of the common services to consider. Along with this there are cosmetic dental services to consider. Overall these are used to better the appearance. This is important when it comes to taking great pictures.

Tooth Whitening

You can prepare for perfect wedding pictures by scheduling a tooth whitening appointment. There are a variety of whitening procedures that dentists use. This often depending on the status of the teeth and what they require. Stains and yellowing may be an issue. Professional dentists can help you to improve the look of your teeth.

Cavity Fillings

Some people will decide to deal with cavities before their wedding day. Depending on the number of cavities, this may require more than one appointment. Your dentist will be able to determine the best way to fill cavities. There are different options when it comes to these fillings. You can use these services to look your best for the big day.

Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth can take away from your appearance. This is especially true for people getting married. Qualified dentists understand the process of tooth replacement. They can provide services to replace teeth. This may depend on the number of teeth that need replacing. Molds or casts are normally used to get the exact measurements of the mouth.

Veneer Options

The status of your teeth will impact your wedding. You are more likely to smile broadly when your teeth are presentable. Veneer options are often used to make the teeth look better. There are different types of veneers. Partial replacement or full replacement pieces are used for these appointments. It is important to schedule these dental appointments well in advance for wedding ceremonies.


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Whiter teeth solution – The all natural teeth whitening remedies

Between professional whitening sessions there are inexpensive things you can do yourself, in the comfort of your own home, to maintain that bright white smile. There are many people who shy away from chemicals of any kind, including those used in many at home teeth whitening kits. For these reasons, we have compiled a concise list of various teeth whitening remedies that use all natural ingredients and can be done in the comfort of your own home between professional whitening sessions.

fruit basketStrawberries: Cutting a strawberry in half and rubbing the soft inside can significantly whiten your teeth between cleanings. This is because strawberries contain a significant amount of malic acid, which is a known teeth whitening agent. If you prefer, you can instead make a paste to rub onto your teeth by mixing one strawberry with half a tablespoon of baking soda. You should mix the two ingredients together in a blender, and if you have excess, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a late usage. You should note that strawberries do contain natural sugar, so be sure to brush your teeth afterward.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is an age old remedy, and you can even find tooth paste that now includes baking soda as one of the main ingredients. It is especially useful in neutralizing acids which could otherwise erode your teeth, and it is in much the same way that it is able to whiten your teeth.

Banana: Take a small piece of banana peel and rub the inside against your teeth. The potassium and bromine contained within the banana peel will help to naturally rid your teeth of stains between professional cleanings,while helping to naturally strengthen your teeth.

Lemon Juice: The acid in lemon juice will help to remove topical stains from your teeth. You can just place a little bit of lemon juice on your finger or tooth brush and rub it on your teeth. Allow to sit on your teeth for a few moments, rinse with warm water, and brush your teeth like normal. Or, you can make a paste by mixing in a small amount of baking powder in the same manner as we mentioned with the strawberries.

Hard Cheese: Any type of hard cheese, like cheddar, is fantastic at helping to whiten your teeth. Rub a chunk on your teeth (yes, it may seem strange), and then follow up with a regular brush and rinse with Listerine. Lactic acid is great for your teeth, plus the calcium and vitamin D contained in cheese also helps to keep your teeth strong, not just white. Using organic cheese are better, as this tend to be less contaminated and more pure. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance or milk allergies will want to refrain from this teeth whitening strategy.

Remember, nothing compares to a dental office teeth whitening treatment, but these natural remedies should assist you on a daily basis using natural ingredients found in your home.


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Giving the gift of a bright smile for the holidays.

Around the holidays, almost everyone you see tends to be friendlier, kinder and more giving.  The holidays are a time to share smiles, kind words and genuine quality time with the people we care about.  Some people wait for this time to take full advantage of the promotions only offered during the holiday season. 

Take a quick visit to the mail box a week before thanksgiving and you will find enough discounted offers to last you a year, unfortunately many of the offers are short lived and don’t make it past the 30 day expiration date.  Black Friday is the busiest time of the year for most retailers, a quick search on the internet will lead many results for discounted prices and savings for holiday shopping. 

A service provider such as a dentist finds it difficult to slash prices on services without jeopardizing the quality of service provided because their prices are based on the amount of time, product and quality of service they provide themselves.  What many of the service providers end up doing is volunteering their services for a better cause during the holidays by sharing their services at no cost for someone that truly needs it.

This holiday season, one service provider decided to give a gift that doesn’t hold an expiration date.  The gift of a smile, Newport Beach area dentist Doctor Saliba is holding a drawing on December 15, 2011 in his private Corona Del Mar dental office to give one lucky winner from his Facebook fans a professional teeth cleaning and in-office teeth whitening.  He’s also promoting sharing by allowing the winner to transfer his winnings if they feel someone else needs it more than they do.

No matter what you decide to share with someone this holiday season, whether it’s an item they’ve always wanted, something you’ve made, or a surprise you decided they will enjoy, remember to share it with a smile on your face, because the gift of you sharing a smile will not expire.


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A gift of good health for the holidays!

When you think of gift giving this holiday season, the last thing you think about is sending someone you care about to the dentist, it almost seem more of a punishment than a thoughtful gift, but is it?

There are many treatments that a dentist can perform that are non-invasive and can enhance the natural smile.  Someone you love and care about might have avoided their teeth cleaning for a while; this would be your chance to get them in to see a dentist.

If someone has always wanted to get their teeth professionally whitened but hasn’t taken the first step in doing so, it’s a great idea to give them the gift of a white bright smile for the holiday season.  For those grinders, you know who they are; you hear them grinding away at their teeth while they’re lying next to you in bed.  A custom fit night guard will help them save their teeth and may also help you sleep better.

Newport Beach dentist in Corona Del Mar, doctor Saliba says “some people need a little nudge to go see their dentist, a gift of oral health from someone might just do the trick”.  I happen to agree with this statement, most people avoid the dentist due to the uncomfortable position of lying down and leaving your mouth open for a long period of time.

The treatments mentioned above are quick and lead excellent immediate results.  So when you think of giving someone you care about a gift that will really last, try to think of something that will promote good oral hygiene, especially if you’re going to kiss that mouth under the mistletoe this holiday season.  If not, try to think of something that really promotes overall health.  You will be happy you gave them something they really need, and they will be happy to know that you care.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season!


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